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The idea started with an ambition to change the way plastic injection manufacturers working. Generally, the manufacturers produce new plastic products out of virgin plastic pellets which are extracted from crude oil, limited resources. The more we take it from the underground, the more we have plastic waste on the earth. Disposable or single-use plastics are the main problem that we are facing nowadays, and it’s very difficult in every process to classify different plastic types after it is abandoned.


In fact, every time we recycle plastic, every time we weaken its properties. After 2 or 3 times of the process, the material is very brittle and disable to use anymore. It finally ends up in landfills. To step forward from the life cycle, the chair is made out of 100% recycled polypropylene, single-use plastics, by traditional injection moulding. It was created by an assumption to create curvy contours that can reinforce itself and using fewer ribs construction for strengthening. This is to create a long-lasting product instead of easily used products that are easily thrown away.

S chair.jpg
With table.png
Back flash.jpg
Underneath flash.jpg
Final and mockup.jpg

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